#3: Smoky Beast vs The Whiskey Warrior


Ben and Steve welcome Jake Cahill and Dana Zeller to the podcast for the first ever battle between the “Smoky Beast” and the “Whiskey Warrior."

This epic showdown between veteran champions of the spirits world was convened by the Beast Masters Club for one purpose - to determine the best Bourbon under $75. 
The Whiskey Warrior boldly dares to enter the Beast’s Lair to match two of his top selections against two of The Beast's favorites. 
Who will prevail as the Beast and the Warrior lock horns for the first time?
Regardless, we'll give you some great options for filling your cabinet with some excellent hooch at a reasonable price.
So... What is the best bourbon under $75?  Gather 'round Beast Masters. Listen, and all shall be revealed.

In The Warrior's Corner:
Bonded in Bourbon Buffalo Trace Private Barrel
NAS | 90 Proof

Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Single Barrel
NAS | 110 Proof

In The Beast's Corner:
NASA Liquors Four Roses Private Barrel 1-2M
9.5 Years Old | OBSV | Warehouse JB | 119.4 Proof

Elija Craig Barrel Proof Batch #11
12 Years Old | 139.4 Proof

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