#4: Joshua Hatton & Kilchoman Cask Strength


The Beast Masters welcome Joshua Hatton of The Whisky Jewbilee and Single Cask Nation for a very special tasting event.

Josh treats the club to some of his amazing single cask picks and talks to us about how he founded the Jewish Whisky Company and developed The Whisky Jewbilee festival, his private cask buying club Single Cask Nation and Whisky Geek Tours.  
After we sample some of Josh's tasty treats, he slips into his role as representative for Impex Beverages and we taste an incredible, very limited production cask strength version of Kilchoman's flagship offering, Machir Bay.
Josh was generous enough to get a small amount of this special edition Kilchoman for the our club members and there are still a few bottles left for sale here on our site.  Grab one before they're gone!

Whisky Jewbilee Heaven Hill - Elijah Craig Single Cask Bourbon
15 Years Old | Bottled 2013 | 122.6 Proof

Whisky Jewbilee Wild Turkey Single Cask Bourbon
9 Years Old | Bottled 2016 | 112.8 Proof
(First private label Wild Turkey ever)

Single Cask Nation Bunnahabhain Refill Sherry Hogshead
28 Years Old | Bottled 2016 | 102.6 Proof

Single Cask Nation Glen Moray Jack Daniels Cask Private Barrel
11 Years Old | Bottled 2015 | 122.4 Proof

2016 US Tour Kilchoman Machir Bay
6 Years Old | 116.8 Proof

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