#2: Barrell Bourbon


Ben and Steve host the first Beast Masters Club event live at Xavier Wine Co. in Manhattan.

The Beast Masters are joined by Joe Beatrice, Founder of Barrell Craft Spirits. Joe describes his journey in creating the company, and explains the process of sourcing, selecting, blending, and bottling his whiskey. The group tastes through Barrell’s American Whiskey Batch 002, Bourbon Batch 008, and then gets to experience the process of choosing a private barrel by tasting all three casks that were sampled for the Beast Masters Club Private Selection #1, a 9.5 Year Single Barrel Tennessee Bourbon. 

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Barrell Whiskey Batch 002, Sherry Cask Finish
Distilled Indiana  |  9 Years, 5 months  |  123.4 Proof

Barrell Bourbon Batch 008
Distilled Tennessee  |  9.5 Years  |  132.84 Proof

Private Barrels: JF080, 7C02
Distilled Tennessee  |  9.5 Years

Beast Masters Club Private Selection
Distilled Tennessee  |  9.5 Years  |  127.2 Proof