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Beast Masters Club Private Barrel
Four Roses OBSF
”Crude Oil”


Crude Oil drinks just like it sounds: a thick and viscous high-rye bourbon dripping with syrupy molasses, oozing with baking spices. Like a cinnamon cake with vanilla cream frosting. The legs on this glass are like something off a Russian weightlifter. And the finish up at 113 proof is awesome. But it’s the incredible mouthfeel that led to the unmistakable name, coating your tongue for hours with sweet oily bourbon goodness.

OBSF is Steve’s favorite Four Roses recipe. The high-rye gives it a slammin’ spiciness. And the F yeast, known for its “herbal” notes, gives it a punchy, full flavor profile. In terms of Beastly-Ness, this recipe is where it’s at.



#36: A Look Back At Barrels Past / Catching Up


After a 6 month podcasting hiatus The Beasts are back! The cast took a bit of a back seat to some serious barrel hunting so to settle the books Steve and Ben sat down to properly catch up on the club’s picks over the last half year.


2019 has bestowed some amazing barrel picks upon our beastly club, but unfortunately, they have remained unaddressed in this forum… until now. Tune in for reviews and tasting notes on Wild Turkey picks, Morning Wood and Return of the Pickle (picked with Bruce Russel in August 2018), Knob Creek Double Barrel (two 14 year bourbons picked by the club in Nov 2018) and our latest Bee’s Knees release of 14 Barrell Bourbon (picked by the club in April 2019). Crack into your bottles and sip along as we catch up past barrel scores and preview some of the tasty treats we have coming in the second half of the year.