#14: Pam Heilmann, Michter's Master Distiller


Michter's Master Distiller, Pamela Heilmann sat down with the Beast Masters to talk about building a new distillery from the ground up combining the best of tradition and cutting edge science. 

Having a true expert craftsperson like Pam on the podcast is always a real treat. When she took the reigns as Master Distiller at Michter’s in 2016, Pam became the first woman since Prohibition to become Master Distiller at a Kentucky Distillers Association distillery. We talked about her history in the distilling industry, and how she used the knowledge accumulated over her distinguished career to build the new Michter’s distillery from from the ground up.   

Pam and the crew at Michter's were kind enough to tour us through the distillery in March. We were very impressed by their warm welcome and the amount of thoughtful consideration put in to all areas of the operation. You can tell that the folks at Michter's are involved in a passion project, and it shows.

Along the way, Pam gave us some terrific insight into a few of the high tech and old school techniques Michter's uses to maximize flavor by increasing spirit interaction with all the wood goodness in their oak barrels.

As fans of Michter's for quite some time, we were very excited to have Pam in New York to lead us through this tasting and explain a bit about how Michter's weaves their particular brand of whiskey magic. The whiskies featured were: Michter’s US1 Bourbon and Rye, 10 Year Bourbon and Rye (2017 editions), and Barrel Strength Rye. 

Sit back with some Michter's and play along, we hope you enjoy the 'cast.