#13: WhistlePig Barrel with Dave Pickerell


Master Distiller Dave Pickerell joins Ben and Steve to drop some serious whiskey science at our WhistlePig Old World Barrel Premiere. 

This episode is a true treat for whiskey lovers and whiskey nerds alike. Dave Pickerell, the man who made our private cask of WhistlePig Old World 12 Year Rye, came in to talk to the club about his history in distilling, the Old World project and all things WhistlePig.  Dave has been described as the Johnny Appleseed of American whiskey and has been a key figure in reviving brown spirits and craft distilling. Specifically, Dave is one of a few folks responsible for bringing rye back to the forefront of the whiskey world.

As huge rye lovers, we were super excited to have Dave sit down with us to taste through the entire WhistlePig lineup and share his stories and vast distilling knowledge.  Dave gets into topics ranging from reviving George Washington's distillery at Mount Vernon to predictions on the future of the whiskey industry and why, "Rye ought to be like a good first date."
Dave also brought along some of WhistlePig's brand new, "Bottled in Barn," FarmStock whiskey - their first to contain juice distilled at the WhistlePig farm in Vermont.

Grab a bottle of our WhistlePig Old World 12 Year from our Shop and sip along with us as we go deep with Dave Pickerell.