#1: A Beastly Introduction


In our very first episode of the Beast Masters Club Podcast, founders Steve Zeller and Ben Paluba introduce the series and kick things off with a very special tasting session. 

Beast Masters Club is a totally new concept combining live whiskey tastings, podcasts, and a bottle-of-the-month club. Ben and Steve explain how members can attend live events and join industry experts in our tasting room as they unveil super limited release bottlings chosen just for our club, or sip along at home by subscribing to the 'cast and purchasing the bottles online.

To set the stage for some of the incredible whiskeys we'll be drinking, Ben and Steve are joined by original BMC member Jeff Roth to sample three representations of the types of bottles we'll be sharing with the club: a private barrel pick, an independent bottling, and a highly coveted limited release. 

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 8 Year Rye
(Private Barrel Selection for SmokyBeast)
Distilled 2006  |  Bottled 2014  | 128.2 Proof

Signatory Vintage Laphroaig 16 Year Sherry Cask
(Bottled for The Whisky Exchange)
Distilled 1998  |  Bottled 2015  |  119.8 Proof 

Lagavulin 24-Year
(Special Release Bottling for Feis Ile 2015)
Distilled 1991  |  Bottled 2015  |  119.8 Proof


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