#22: Beastly Treats with Jeff "Professor Rickhouse" Roth


In the first ever Beastly Treats episode, the Beast Masters host and honor long time club member Jeff “Professor Rickhouse” Roth with a night of bourbon he will certainly never forget.

The crew drinks and chats about some of the most delicious bourbons around while we test our blind tasting chops. But that’s not all... In this riveting episode: Steve sings a song, Ben says “super bourboney”, Jake makes many weird noises and Jeff talks about his small palate. Its good to be beastly.

With, "Beastly Treats", we introduce a new fan / member appreciation initiative for the club. If you are an active member or listener you’ll be fired up about this. Every few months, say once a quarter, we will pick an active, supporting member of the club and invite them to a night of BEASTLY TREATS. This lucky member will be invited to the Beast’s lair where we will curate an epic tasting of delicious whiskeys, henceforth to be known as Beastly Treats. The chosen member will get to participate in the tasting and recording of their very own Beastly Treats podcast episode.

Be warned Beast Masters. If you are lucky enough to win, you will be exposed to epic whiskey that will forever raise the bar for your sipping future, VIP treatment of all kinds, bad jokes and cheesy puns, a chance to shout out your mom in the podcast world, and of course… Ben’s vocabulary lessons. Stay involved, and stay in touch, tag us with #BeastlyTreats on Instagram and Facebook for chances to win a seat at future episodes of…BEASTLY TREATS!!!!