#21: Koval Distillery - The Start of A Craft Adventure


The Beast Masters sit down with Chelsea Lovett from the organic, “grain-to-bottle” Koval Distillery in Chicago. Yep, we’re digging into some crafty stuff.

Ben and Steve sit in on Dana “Mrs. Beast” Zeller’s interview which kicks off our exploration into the booming world of craft distilleries.

Being the first legal distillery in Chicago since prohibition comes with a lot of pressure to deliver. We explore Koval’s road to craft greatness, taste through their line-up of products and discuss what makes Koval’s whiskies special and unique: from atypical mashbills incorporating oats and millet, to their German Kothe still.  

Tune in and learn a bit about the booze soaked love story of an enterprising couple who turned their shared passions into a thriving, award winning craft distilling business.