Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Wild Turkey 9 Year Bourbon "The Hot Pickle Part Deux!"

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hot pickle part deux sq.jpg
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Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Wild Turkey 9 Year Bourbon "The Hot Pickle Part Deux!"


Hot Pickle “Part Deux!”
Beast Masters Club Exclusive
Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel Bourbon
Distilled 2009 / Bottled 2018
Aged 9 Years in Warehouse D, 5th Floor
110 Proof

It took us over a year to find a suitable sequel to our now infamous “Hot Pickle”.

(For those of you who weren’t in the club back then, this is not a whiskey that tastes like pickles! When we were in Kentucky last year barrel hunting, an individually wrapped spicy pickle became our spirit guide, and we dubbed our adventure the “Hot Pickle Society”. Of all the barrels we tasted on that trip, our first Russell’s Reserve pick was our favorite, so we dubbed it The Hot Pickle.)

This winter, we had master distiller Jimmy Russel at the beast lair. We tasted through six different barrels. This cask stood out from all the others and hence earned the honor of being dubbed “Hot Pickle Part Deux”. Personally I think it’s even better than the original. What we loved about Hot Pickle was the showcase of massive wood, spice, and vanilla - boldness rather than sweetness.

Part Deux is even stronger in this direction. Huge char, vanilla, and spice with even more white oak wood in the nose! The spiciness dominates the palate with chiles, bbq sauce, smoke, and roasted cashew nuts. Then rolling onto the front of the tongue you get honey, molasses, nougat, and cocoa. Even more oily and viscous than the original, this one has legs that go on for days and a big long finish that starts in the chest and slowly rolls up to the top of your head.

We don’t take the Hot Pickle title lightly, and we’re extremely happy with this beast’s ability to carry on the spirit of this noble sigil.

Long live the Hot Pickle!

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