Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Wild Turkey 9 Year Bourbon "Return of the Pickle"

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Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Wild Turkey 9 Year Bourbon "Return of the Pickle"


Return of the Pickle!
Beast Masters Club Exclusive
Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel Bourbon
Distilled November 2009 / Bottled December 2018
Aged 9 Years
Camp Nelson Warehouse A, Floor 4
110 Proof

Our hero, The Hot Pickle, has returned to his home planet in an attempt to rescue his friend The Beast from the clutches of the vile gangster Teetotaler. The Beast’s liver has been frozen in carbonite during a solid three weeks of New Year’s Resolution-induced sobriety. However Hot Pickle has been training in the ancient art of The Sauce, a mystic power that causes and solves all of the worlds problems. In an epic battle, Hot Pickle ultimately prevails in twisting The Beast’s hairy arm behind his back and pouring him a glass of this extraordinary bourbon.

MEANWHILE, BACK IN NEW YORK CITY - In August 2018, Bruce Russell visits The Beast Lair with a surprise. Wild Turkey had built a group of rickhouses about 45 minutes south of the main Lawrenceburg distillery location in Camp Nelson, Jessamine County, KY. Bruce brought us the first batch of private barrels that had aged at the Camp Nelson site. These were from Camp Nelson Warehouse A, and had been distilled in the winter of 2009.

The Camp Nelson barrels were different from the private barrels we chose out of Lawrenceburg. They showed more oak, and had a punchier, woodier flavor. They simply oozed leather and tobacco, like sitting in a chair in an old men’s club smoking a cigar in a weathered leather armchair. Behind the wood we found little hot chiles and spices, orange peels and cinnamon. Basically just that type of fierce bourbon essence that we love about Wild Turkey.

This debut Camp Nelson barrel was the perfect choice to star in the third edition of our Hot Pickle series!

Long live the Hot Pickle!

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