Beast Masters Club Private Barrel Selection - Meltdown!

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Beast Masters Club Private Barrel Selection - Meltdown!


Beast Masters Club Private Barrel
Thunder Road Butcher’s Bourbon
12 Year Old
Cask Strength Tennessee Bourbon

The legend of the “Hazmat” barrel goes far and wide. For whatever reason a few barrels out of an entire warehouse go up into the stratosphere of alcohol content. It’s a rare event, like a 100% factually accurate television commercial or a solar eclipse happened during a Pink Floyd concert. When it does happen, there are two results. The juice can be atrocious swill that’s fit for removing rust from the underside of your four-wheeler. Or it can be super flavorful, legendary stuff that collectors hunt to the ends of the earth to acquire.

A strange thing happened to us this winter. One of our friends in the whiskey business called and said that he had some private casks for us to sample. He was rather elusive about it. They were from a brand called Thunder Road which we’d never heard of previously. They were Tennessee Bourbon (Dickel??), 12 years old, and cask strength. That’s all we knew, so far so good, but not a lot to go on. Of course we agreed to taste, thinking maybe we’d pick one up.

When he arrived, we saw four samples labelled only with barrel number and proof. We started laughing uncontrollably. The proofs read, in this order:

Barrel 027: 140.7 proof
Barrel 029: 141.1 proof
Barrel 178: 142.2 proof
Barrel 265: 144.5 proof.

We had FOUR hazmat barrels sitting in front of us. Having tasted hundreds of barrels, never before in history had this happened. Once the hilarity sank in, our skepticism returned. There’s no way they’d be drinkable would they??

So we began to taste. 140.7 proof, no water, first drink of the day. Preparing for agony! But, wait, could it be? This stuff was FUCKING DELICIOUS! Obviously a shit-kicking meat wagon, but just so incredibly tasty. It had everything in spades. Vanilla, super charred oak, Coca-Cola syrupy sweetness, ass-whoopin’ baking spices, tobacco, leather, sweet corn, molasses, chocolate. It was the bomb. On we went through each sample all the way up to the comically preposterous 144.5 proof. Each one was just as mind-blowing as the last.

So we’re just sitting there, at this point starting to feel drunk off our tits from four little sips of gourmet rocket fuel, wondering what to do. We’d only planned to buy one after all.

“Well shit,” Steve said finally.

“Uh yeah,” agreed Ben.

If you’ve been following along for the past couple years, there’s little doubt what happened next. We bought all four barrels before even going in for a second round of tastes. (Of course we did do a second round of tastes and then had to order a meat-lovers pizza for fear of falling over).

So here we go. After lots of nervous waiting, we’re ready to drop the first in our never-before-never-again, once-in-a-lifetime #PLANETARYALIGNMENT four-bottle Hazmat series….

Introducing: MELTDOWN.

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