Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Bee's Knees 2019 Barrel #2

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Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Bee's Knees 2019 Barrel #2


Beast Masters Club Private Barrel
"Bee’s Knees 2019” Barrel #2
Barrell Bourbon
14 Year Old
Cask Strength Tennessee Bourbon

Last year we got our hands on some 12 year MGP bourbon from Boone County. Normally we take our time with barrel selection and end up picking up one or two of our favorites. This time, though, we were so impressed that we immediately scooped up all three. These barrels kicked so much ass that we dubbed them "The Bee's Knees!"

Well the same thing happened a couple of months ago when we tasted a group of 14 year casks from Barrell Bourbon. These huge bad boys were so on-the-money that we gobbled up all there barrels without hesitation. To put it simply - these are going to be the best barrels we put out this year! So we figured it would be apropos to dub these three barrels "Bee's Knees 2019" and start an annual tradition of awarding Bee's Knees status to our favorite run of barrels.

Barrell Craft Spirits is a group that really gets the spirit of the beast. They've been quietly putting out batch after batch of limited release cask strength bourbons, American whiskeys, ryes, and rums. But now that their stocks of Tennessee bourbon are getting up into 14 year territory, they've reached a completely new level. In a Forbes 2018 best bourbon write-up, Barrell Bourbon beat out LEGENDS like William Larue Weller and Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch to take home first place. Considering that both of these competitors are nearly impossible to find and sell for upwards of $500, this is no small feat. 

Thanks to Joe and Will and the crew at Barrell, they really hooked us up with an incredible run. Do yourself a favor and don't miss out on these bottles. 

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