Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - THE BEE'S KNEES #2

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Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - THE BEE'S KNEES #2


Beast Masters Club Private Barrel
"The Bee's Knees #2"
Boone County 12-Year
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Barrel #B5043 114.7 proof

The first Bee's Knees barrel sold out in under 24 hours. We had a feeling this stuff would be popular, and that's why we bought more!  These private barrels from Boone County are MGP (Indiana) straight bourbon whiskey, non-chill-filtered, 12-years old, and straight from the barrel at cask strength. Really, just everything we look for in a bourbon, this is an absolute gem.

The second barrel #B5043 is stronger than the first, at almost 115 proof, and the difference really shows. At our debut event this barrel was the crowd favorite. While #1 was the sweetest, #2 was the most bold. This knock-out bourbon leads with deep oak wood and char. It's a very mature whiskey, which is hard to find these days, and for those who love a well-aged bourbon, the 12 years in a single barrel really shine. Age matters! 

On the nose you'll dive into that beautiful barrel wood and char and then start to find sweetness mixing in. Vanilla, caramel, honey, and cream all mix together wonderfully. On the palate everything doubles down and you'll discovery baking spices - could that be cinnamon? nutmeg? maybe a hint of fresh flowers? 

The finish is one of the longest for a bourbon that we can remember. Just endless richness lingering in your mouth. Even the empty glass is something you'll want to sniff after the last drop is gone! The wood makes a triumphant return on the finish really showing off the age of this spirit which could not be more in its prime after 12 years.  

For you beast lovers this one will probably be your favorite of all the barrels we put out this year. Under 100 bottles are available fro this barrel so don't miss out.  



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