Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Wild Turkey 9 Year Bourbon "The Hot Pickle"

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Beast Masters Club Private Barrel - Wild Turkey 9 Year Bourbon "The Hot Pickle"


Beast Masters Club Exclusive
Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel Bourbon
Distilled on New Year’s Eve 2007
Aged 9 Years in Warehouse G, 6th Floor
110 Proof


“The best drinking of my life!” - Jeff ‘Professor Rickhouse’ Roth


Of the dozens of bourbons that Beast Masters Club tasted in Kentucky this spring, this private barrel of Wild Turkey is the one we’ve been dreaming about since we got back.  

Second generation Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell took us to his oldest rickhouse, built in 1890, to choose our Russell’s Reserve private barrel. Eddie told us that his winter distillations were usually special, and that Warehouse G had recently produced some superb barrels. Not surprisingly, after tasting a dozen different casks we ended up with a Warehouse G barrel distilled on New Year’s Eve 2007.  

Aged in a high location (the sixth out of seven floors in the stack) this barrel features massive wood, spice, and vanilla - showcasing boldness rather than sweetness. The nose is everything we look for in a bourbon: char, oak, big vanilla, and spice with little hints of fruits, nuts, and chocolate. The first sip gives a super oily palate and a long warm finish full of pipe tobacco, barbecue sauce and wood. A true beast of a bourbon and one that many people in the club have been eagerly anticipating.

Don’t worry, “Hot Pickle” doesn’t refer to the taste, it was our favorite late night snack after a long day of barrel-picking. “Hot pickle!” became the rallying cry of our small but determined bourbon task force as we drank our way across the Bluegrass State. We decided that from all the whiskey we tasted, this barrel would have the honor of being dubbed, The Hot Pickle!

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