#30: Radical FR.OAK - Balcones

Balcones FROAK.jpg

Winston from Balcones sits down with the Beasts to talk craft.

Long time friend of the pod Winston Edwards is in town from Balcones Distillery.  It's Balcones' 10th anniversary and we get to taste some seriously exclusive anniversary bottlings that are only available at the distillery, including this French Oak finished single malt which is delicious.  Radical FR.OAK dude! 

#29: Shrek in Spanx - Beastly Treats Part 2


The Beast Masters bring in one lucky club member - stand up comedian David Kinney - to sample the tasting of a lifetime. Three of our favorite malts: Talisker, Lagavulin, and Caol Ila, and then their "big brothers": Talisker 30 Year, Lagavulin 24 Year, and Caol Ila 30 Year! The gang gets into their cups while pondering a range of subjects from Shrek to full-body Spanx.

Beast Masters Club is back with another edition of "Beastly Treats" where we invite one lucky club member for the whiskey tasting of a lifetime. This time our guest is stand-up comedian David Kinney @davidkinney. Jake The Whiskey Warrior Cahill and Mrs. SmokyBeast join the party to sample amazing whiskeys while we broach subjects from stand up comedy to Shrek to full-body Spanx. The whiskey at hand is "Big Brother" - a tasting of three of our favorite malts next to super-aged versions of their "big brothers".

The lineup:
Talisker Storm vs. Talisker 30-Year Cask Strength
Lagavulin Distiller's Edition vs. Lagavulin Feis Ile 2015 24-Year Cask Strength
Caol Ila Feis Ile 2015 Cask Strength vs. Caol Ila 30-Year Malts of Scotland Cask Strength Sherry Hogshead

#28: Adam Spiegel of Sonoma County Distilling Company


The Beast Masters traveled to Sonoma, CA for a private tour and tasting with Adam Spiegel, founder and distiller at Sonoma County Distilling Co.

Adam was kind enough to show us around his distillery and warehouses and give us a behind the scenes peek at how Sonoma County produces their unique take on a variety of pot distilled whiskies. From their Alembic Hoga stills hand crafted in Portugal and modeled on the original, ancient Arab water distillers to their method of slightly down proofing and  finishing their whiskies in first fill barrels, there’s a lot of interesting distilling craft at work in Adam’s world. These unique approaches have certainly produced some very tasty craft whiskeys and great success Sonoma Distilling. They are currently expanding the operation from a 6000 to a 12000 sq ft footprint to meet demand for their West of Kentucky Bourbons and Sonoma Ryes. 

Tune in to hear the story of a truly passionate, dedicated craftsman devoted to creating whiskies using time honored, traditional methods and local, sustainable ingredients. Sonoma County Distilling is really a grain to glass operation where every step of the process is treated with love and devoted attention. 

#27: Jimmy & Bruce Russell - Wild Turkey Barrel Picking


Beast Masters Club and Wall Street Journal Plus bring you an interview and private barrel selection from Wild Turkey's legendary bourbon-maker Jimmy Russell.

Beast Masters Club and The Wall Street Journal Plus bring you a rare treat: an interview with Wild Turkey's Jimmy Russell and the chance to pick a private barrel of bourbon! With over 60 years of whiskey making experience running Wild Turkey, Jimmy Russell is a true bourbon legend. Jimmy and his grandson Bruce, now the fourth generation Russell at Wild Turkey, sit down with the Beast Masters to pick a private barrel of Wild Turkey Bourbon.  

#26: Dusty Battle Royale - Josh Feldman vs Josh Richholt


Once again, the doors to the Beast Masters battle arena were flung open to see two true masters of the dusty whiskey hunt engage in combat. The treasures they unleashed were truly epic, but only one could leave as champion!

These two expert dusty connoisseurs fought bravely to own the title of Champion Dusty Hunter. Each brought forth a serious bounty of dusty whiskey treats for the Beast Masters audience to judge. 

Josh Feldman came strong with a John Gibson & Co. Rye which was distilled prior to Prohibition in 1917 but bottled as medicinal whiskey during Prohibition at 11 years old in 1928, and a 1955 Jim Beam, Old Grecian Urn special glass decanter.  Josh Richholt brought some serious heat with a 1976 Bourbon de Luxe and a 1978 Wild Turkey 101, 8 Year "Limited Edition Ceramic Strutting Turkey" decanter labeled as, "No. 8 and Final in a Series." So we were all set to face off with some excellent old hooch and some super badass limited edition funky decanters!

It's safe to say we were all winners on this night of dusty love, but tune in to see who emerged to claim the title of Champion Dusty Hunter... At least until next time a worthy contender wants to rise to the occasion and see if they can etch their name in the annals of Beast Masters lore.