#19: SmokyBeast vs. The Whiskey Warrior Part II - Best Rye Under $100


Steve "SmokyBeast" Zeller takes on Jake "Whiskey Warrior" Cahill for a rematch, this time they bring the best ryes under $100

Ben and Steve welcome Mike Kantor of @thebourbonreview and Dana “Mrs. Beast” Zeller as guest judges for this brutal battle.

The Smoky Beast and The Whiskey Warrior are back in the ring again! And this time, the Beast is out for blood! They are battling for the title belt once again as they enter with their choices for BEST RYE UNDER $100. The Beast lost in his own lair last time when the Warrior strutted in for the battle of Best Bourbon under $75, so you know this one is personal. Bottles will be swung, swigged and smashed as the Beast claws the Warrior down in hopes of reigning supreme and recapturing his lost belt.

Regardless of the outcome of this epic battle, you are sure to find out the best ryes on the market for under 100 bucks. So pour yourself a glass and gather round the flame BeastMasters; as Steve and Jake battle it out for your entertainment.


SmokyBeast's Weapons:
Pikeseville Rye
6 years | 110 proof
Michter’s Barrel Proof Single Barrel Rye
NAS | 114 proof

The Whiskey Warrior's Weapons:
Wild Turkey 101 Rye
NAS | 101 proof
Redemption Barrel Proof Rye Batch 5
7 years | 123.2 proof