#11: Westland Distillery at The Norwood Club


Steve, Ben and the Beast Masters welcome Chris Riesbeck of Westland Distillery for a very special event at the Norwood Club in NYC.

We were extremely happy to have the club taste through the full line up of Westland’s whiskies.  Westland is one of our favorite craft distillers and one of the leading producers of American Single Malt whiskies. Tune in to learn what makes Westland unique and delicious as Chris gets into everything from the barley in their malts to the wood in their barrels and everything in between.
This particular evening was doubly sweet as it was the first in what we hope to be a series of events hosted at the amazing Norwood Club.  The folks at Norwood are expert hosts and their club is truly a marvel - beautiful and sophisticated but completely fun and unpretentious.  A perfect setting for the Beasts to dig into Westland’s American Oak, Sherry Wood, Peated, Garyanna, and Winter 2016 offerings. 
Grab a bottle of Westland and taste along with us.