#10: Smoke Wars - Episode I: Mrs. Beast vs Big Wood


Let The Smoke Wars Begin...  Enter Mrs. Smoky Beast & Big Wood.  May the peat be with you.

These two gladiators have been called to search ceaselessly throughout Caledonian moors, crags, islands and bogs, accepting no limits and yielding to no obstacle placed in their path, all for the glory of a sacred mission - to find the best smoky malts in the world and bring them back to the Beast Lair in the hopes of becoming CHAMPION of the Smoke Wars.  Few have been chosen, but only one will prevail…
In our first battle of the Smoke Wars, Mrs. Smoky Beast faces off against Joshua “Big Wood" Hatton of Single Cask Nation and Whiskey Jewbilee.  In this contest each will present two smoky malts each to the Beast Masters for judgement.  The first round will be a malt under £100, the second round a malt over £100 with no price limit.
Who will claim the title of first Smoke Wars Champion? Listen and all shall be revealed.

In Mrs. Beast's Corner
Kilchoman 2016 US Tour Machir Bay (Cask Strength)
6 Years Old | 116.8 Proof | Bottled 2016

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Port Ellen
Distilled 1982 | Bottled 2001
18 Years Old | 100 Proof

In Big Wood's Corner
Kilchoman 10th Anniversary Release
3-10 Years Old | 116.4 Proof | Bottled 2016

Lagavulin Feis Ile 2015
Distilled 1991 | Bottled 2015
24 Years Old | 119.8 Proof