#9: Top 5 Special Releases of 2016 - Hot or Hype?


Hot or Hype?  That's the question... The Beast Masters review five of this year's most sought after limited release whiskeys. 

Steve and Ben once again welcome Jake, "Whiskey Warrior" Cahill, to sip through five of this year's most heavily hyped whiskeys. The lineup includes Parker's Heritage 24 Year Bourbon, Booker's Rye, Four Roses Small Batch LE, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, and Rebel Yell 10 Year. Were these expensive and highly allocated bottles worth the hype? We get to the bottom of this essential question and let you know where to look for your next acquisition.  Treats or tricks?  Worth hunting or paying up for? We'll sort you out.

Also covered in the episode are Jake's most pompous sommelier terms, "Karate Kid-&-Play", and Steve's latest exploits rolling whiskey barrels across the streets of Manhattan.