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Beast Masters Club Live "DUSTY BATTLE!"

  • Pop Up Beast Lair New York, NY, 10025 United States (map)

Serious whiskey hunters look for certain tell-tale signs.  The old-school tax strip sealing the bottle...  The “⅘ quart” measure instead of “750ml”...  And of course that fine coating of dust that tells them this bottle has been sitting, undiscovered, in the back of that liquor store for a few decades.

We’re talking of course about “Dusties!” Dusties are the true sport of whiskey hunting, setting apart the rookies from the veteran die-hard whiskey aficionados. We’ve been wanting to do a Dusty Battle for some time, but we needed to find the perfect two warriors who would be up to the task.  Meet Josh & Josh…

Josh Feldman, whiskey historian and author of has been collecting, writing, and all-around obsessing about whiskey for over a decade. He was an early mentor to Steve and Dana as they began the SmokyBeast blog, generously guiding them into the unknown territory of shuttered distilleries, dusty gems, and the decades of history that surround these special whiskies.  

Josh Richholt is the co-founder of The Well. Dubbed the “biggest local bar you’ve ever seen”, The Well boasts 200 beers on tap, a tasty whiskey selection. and a mammoth outdoor music venue. We caught Josh sneaking a bottle Jack Daniels into our “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” event. Little did we know it was a 1960’s Jack Daniels (which changed the move from sacrilege to bona fide). It turned out that Josh had come directly to our event from a successful dusty hunt of epic proportions.

Each contender will bring two dusties from his private collection for your consideration. You will vote to decide who shall hold the belt as BMC Dusty Champion.

We’re very excited to be able to share this special event with you.  Don’t miss out!  

/Steve & Ben

COST: $65