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Beast Masters @ Wheated

  • Wheated 905 Church Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11218 United States (map)

Do you like bourbon and pizza? Then you are going to love Wheated.  

Wheated is a sweet little neighborhood spot in Flatbush, Brooklyn. It was created by one of the founding members of Beast Masters Club, David Sheridan. Wheated serves delicious homemade pizza alongside an impressive list of American whiskeys and tastefully chosen single malts.

David will be serving us an assortment of his famous sourdough pizzas and educating on us what makes wheated bourbon special. The "mashbill" of a bourbon is the recipe of grains used in it's distillation. Bourbon must be 51% corn, but it can have much higher corn content, or substitute another grain such as rye or wheat as the second ingredient. We will taste through different mashbills, represented by some tasty private barrel picks and limited release bottles that David has in his collection. You are guaranteed to leave with a belly full of delicious grub and your own opinion on your favorite bourbon mashbill. Maybe, like David, you'll be a wheater freak. There's only one way to find out.